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    My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    Like my RL Christmas lists, I realize that I may not get everything I want, but I list the world anyways just in case B) After all, you know what they say about reaching for the stars, right?

    I know that in the big scope of things all of these suggestions are, for the most part, cosmetic and really not so important for the majority of people. They are just my requests, and I can only hope that others find that a level of comfort in their implementation.

    Also, I only recently DL the game and have only spent a couple of hours in-world, so please forgive me if some of these are already in-world, have already been announced as coming, or working as intended.

    I. Game screen

    A. Allow the entire screen to be usable. Currently the spaces to the left and right of the tool bar appear to be dead spaces. It would be nice if we could make use of these spaces to put backpacks. A small gesture, but I think it would go a long ways in helping to alleviate some of the screen clutter if we could make use of the entire screen for backpack and inventory placement.

    Along these same lines, we could also lower the chat and emote bars into the dead space immediately to the left of the tool bars thereby making better use of that dead space area.

    B. Is it possible to allow us to "right click > Tell" a name in chat? If unable due to immersion purposes, then I understand.

    II. Backpacks/skillboxes/inventory

    Please make the sizes of all backpacks/skillboxes/inventory or anything else that is opened and detachable in the screen customizable. In other words, currently the back packs open to a standard five boxes across and five boxes down. Would it be possible to be able to right click a corner and re-customize them to two boxes across and 10 boxes down. This way we can move them to the farthest left and right sides of the screen and still maintain a neat and symetrical viewing screen. Currently the boxes jag from the corners of the screen making it look sort of cluttered. Yesss, I am a neat freak, I can't help it lol :laugh:

    III. Music

    The login screen music is really nice. It adds mood to the world. Can we have more mood and environmental music throughout world. Not anything loud or noisy. Just soft and barely noticeable mood environmental music would be nice. I love music. Not a big deal though, I suppose I could always buy my own mood music and add it. :huh:

    IV. Rain/Snow

    The rain and snow effects are really nice and add mood to the environment. They are, however, too short and abrupt in duration. Please make them last a bit longer and sort of phase the weather effect out slower.

    V. Hunger Related

    IMHO, hunger related items should be handled differently than the random foraged item. For instance, it would be nice if we could be able to identify food items from a distance, such as fruit trees and bushes, as opposed to having them randomly gathered from foraging. This can easily be implemented simply by letting it be known that food items are generally found in the vicinity of "blah blah" trees and bushes, or "blah blah" area scavenge sack. In other words, it would be a lot more fun and immersive to be able to hunt for food and see it from a distance as opposed to randomly pressing "forage" every 5 steps in hopes of finding a food item.

    ... and lastly but MOST IMPORTANTLY! (To me at least :laugh: )

    VI. Character Modeling and Customization

    A. HAIR! - Please add more hair options and make them look more realistic.

    B. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS - Please improve facial expressions. Currently they are too stoic. This is not good for RP immersion purposes.

    C. RUNNING/WALKING - Please improve. People don't walk and run like this lol. I am proud of my walk in RL. Not so much in-world :laugh:

    D. Please fix hands. They are too small in comparison to body.

    ... and last but not least ...

    a box of chocolates

    Xsyon, I thank you in advance for your consideration in the implementation of any of the above.

    P.S - If anyone would like to add to this list please feel free to do so.

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    Re: My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    I like your observations, some to point, a gradual rain or snow building to a heavier or more of gentler. I would like to see some variation in precipitation as well. Hands are too small. Fruits and berries from trees and bushes are a great idea.

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    Re: My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    I can answer some of your hopes and dream!!!

    2.) the coding side of the backpacks were adjusted recently to allow for a more free form backpack later. Maybe this means it will be based on shape and weight? Not sure.

    4.) I think the snow will be tweaked later on. Right now it is low on the list of things to do.

    6.) More hair and face models will be added later.

    Hope that helps

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    in relation to weather having it get darker and maybe some thunder roll in right before it rains would be nice, and for those bigger storms random hitting the ground and in the sky with lots of thunder and wind effects would be very immersive.

    And please make night limit the range and detail you see, i know some have complained of it being too dark before, but just alil bit would be nice. I want to be able to lose someone in the dark.

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    I hear ya Xx but the rest feel it was too dark.

    Part of the problem with this is that different monitors and graphics cards showed diffrent darkness levels due to how it is coded.

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    Virtus wrote:
    I hear ya Xx but the rest feel it was too dark.

    Part of the problem with this is that different monitors and graphics cards showed diffrent darkness levels due to how it is coded.
    ahh well isn't that a bummer oh wells

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    I have to say, one thing Mortal Online really got right was their weather system. It was very cool coming over the hill heading into Meduli, a beachside town, and seeing storms out over the ocean. Having overcast/rainy days was pretty cool too, but also being able to ride from one town, where it was raining, to another town, where it was sunny, was pretty cool too.

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    None of what I say is in anyway the official word, but here are my views on your great suggestions.

    Allow for full screen usage: Currently added to the official suggestion thread, and still pending response.

    Chat and emote bars: I believe they are movable at the moment arenít they? If that is true, you can move them if the above suggestion is allowed.

    Rclick>Tell: Personally love this suggestion; got it implemented in another game I used to play. I believe this is already listed in the official thread. (Checks) Similar: ďHave names that are in the chat interface be clickable to ď/wĒ that player.Ē

    Backpacks customisable: Itís a good suggestion, but because of the changes to the inventory system already being planned, I wonít add it to the list till we know what the new system is like.

    More music: Music is likely to develop over time and expand, but I will add it to the thread too as music makes or breaks games in my view too.

    Weather patterns: I believe itís being worked on, but will find out for certain.

    Forgeable bushes: Personally I donít like that but will create a separate thread to get others views on it.

    Body customisations: All your topics there are on the list, except for a few. I donít know if any facial expressions are in game Ė never looked. Walking/running animations I will look into.

    Box of chocolates: Does that come with flowers?

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    The char creation screen is awful, and the UI is pretty poor. The content is almost non existent and there are many aspects like combat and exploration that are almost forgotten.

    The game has the worst immersion factor ever (no sound, no wind, no atmospheric music.

    It's not because you put some ragitty ass western music with an Harmonica that the game becomes immersible. I guess that developers don't care about immersion anymore. This tribal based games need tribal music and they have failed to acquire anything in that genre.

    Sorry but the current music is just laughable compared to the Eve online soundtrack or the Neocron OST.

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    Re:My Christmas List of Suggestions ...

    Mrcalhou wrote:

    "Rev, I know you seem to be frustrated with the way the game is now, but could you please adopt a less hostile tone? One thing I learned from teaching is that as soon as someone gets hostile everyone goes on the defensive and then any dialogue is no longer useful or relevent.

    This dev team actually seems to be listening to player suggestions and doing what they can to implement things."


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