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    Ok not sure if you noticed this but how you supposed to build something with 3 logs when you can only have 1 on you.

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    Youíre not really supposed to build with logs.

    Logs do stack in a predicable way and some people have found creative uses for that mechanism though.

    We are waiting on the actual construction skill.

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    I have the architecture skill as we speak. And to build i wall you need 12 nails and 3 long logs

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    Oh, didnít realize it was in yet. Still I believe you will need to wait until the end of the week for construction to fully be implemented.

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    probebly right. There is one I am gonna try though if I can collect enough bolts

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    Hyip wrote:
    probebly right. There is one I am gonna try though if I can collect enough bolts
    Countdown to server crash...

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    Yes, please don't use this skill yet. I forgot to fully block it.

    The way it will work is that you'll be able to add multiple logs to a project being constructed. You'll see soon.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    I patched out a quick fix to block characters from selecting the Architecture skill. This will be back in soon!

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    Cool, i had it for a few minutes today but didnt see any plans that required the logs. I couldn't build anything because I needed to have everything made into boards >.<
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