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    text chat

    I notice besides the following chat channels


    There is a Guild chat if you /g then type.

    But it says your not in a guild.

    Is this channel their as a place holder for something?

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    Re:text chat

    Yes, it is. As the game evolves we'll have sub guilds (trade guilds like a leatherworker's guild).

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    Re:text chat

    Ah okay.


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    Re:text chat

    Will we get more control over the chat window?

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    Re:text chat

    In time, yes, but no major changes with chat are planned until after the Prelude launches.

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    Re:text chat

    ok sound good

    is there a list of usful commands like /stuck?

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    Re:text chat

    At the moment, no. Though I do plan to add a /stuck command soon.

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    Re:text chat


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