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    Tire armor

    It may seems like a nonsense, but think about this. Armor made of thick reinforced rubber of truck tires is actually an ideal armor. It's light and at the same time highly resistant against piercing, slashing AND blunt weapons. It seems like metal armor is not a match for a rubber one in any aspect. And it's perfectly fits for a post-apocalyptic setting.

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    Re: Tire armor

    I really like this idea... make tar one of the components for bonding it together.

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    Re: Tire armor

    signed i want goodyear armor :P

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    Re:Tire armor

    Light? You've obviously never lifted a truck tyre? Besides, wasnt all that stuffed destroyed, burned, melted during the apocalypse? Well, around these parts anyway, apparently. If I cant find a decent piece of steel to fix myself a sword from, goodluck with finding a truck tyre thats light and will save your ass.

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    Re:Tire armor

    maybe there is some ann somers stock left somewhere

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    Re:Tire armor

    It may seems like a nonsense, but think about this
    Not nonsense. You'll see some tire armor in the future when we introduce scrap armor craft.

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