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    What all will be included in ..

    the construction portion of the game?

    can we get a general run down of how it will work and what all it will consist of im REALLY looking fwd to this

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    Re:What all will be included in ..

    Seems like it'll be patched early next week, so we should get some patch notes with the basic jist of it. I'd imagine we'll have to figure out most of the recipes of "totalness" on our own B)

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    Re:What all will be included in ..

    part of the fun is finding our :P

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    Re:What all will be included in ..

    I'm looking forward to this as well. I'd love to hear some details about the system.

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    Re:What all will be included in ..

    same i dont need details to the extent it will Ruin getting to "discoveR" anything . just kind of a geneRal Rundown on it

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