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    Guild rank system

    Since its being worked on now, I thought it worth posting asking a few questions.

    I was wanting to know if the tribe rank system will allow for more than 1 tribe leader? As guilds have many different rank systems, ours for example has 3 Consuls which are all 3 leaders, I would like for the game to support this freedom as well.

    I would also like to see an unlimited number of ranks being allowed. Again, as guilds differ quite a lot, I know some guilds have quite an extensive rank system, with a large number of ranks.

    Will ranks be able to be assigned the same level of authority? For example, if I have a military leader, and a crafting leader, they will be 2 separate ranks, but will the same level of authority be able to be assigned to both of the ranks?

    Also, will we be free to name our ranks? If so, will this reflect anywhere else in game other than the tribal window?

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    Re: Guild rank system

    This is not an offical reply, but Jooky has said that he will do his best to implement more than one leader tribes - I don't recall if that is for prelude or after however. [edit:: It seems the only information I can find is 7months old and directly states this wont be possible.]

    I believe there is a limit, however not what that limit is.

    Unknown to me (re combat and craft leaders).

    There was a thread about the names of ranks, but I don't recall what it said.

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    Re: Guild rank system

    It would be nice if this ability left to the players.
    Let the players create their own tribe system.

    Let say player A,B,C,D.
    X is for all players in a tribe.
    G1 is for group 1 in a tribe
    G2 is for group 2 in a tribe
    G(x) is for group(x) in a tribe

    RANK 1 (NAME XA), let the rank manager sets its name
    RANK 2 (NAME XB), let the rank manager sets its name
    RANK 3 (NAME XC), let the rank manager sets its name

    System tags and functions:
    Ability to create tribe.-------------TAG 1
    Ability to create ranks--------------TAG 10
    Ability to edit ranks----------------TAG 11
    Ability to delete ranks--------------TAG 12
    Ability to invite to tribe-----------TAG 3
    Ability to disband from tribe--------TAG 20
    Ability to terraform.----------------TAG 2
    Ability to open tribe bag(X)(look only)-TAG 4
    Ability to add to tribe bag(X)------TAG 41
    Ability to take from tribe bag(X)----TAG 42
    Ability to post quests---------------TAG 5
    Ability to vote----------------------TAG 51
    Ability to add group(1..x) settings--TAG 6
    Ability to edit group(x) settings----TAG 7
    Ability to delete group(1..x) settings--TAG 62
    For example:
    ...G(1) = FLAG(1), PLAYER(A,B,C)
    ...G(2) = FLAG(2), PLAYER(A,D,E)
    ...G(3) = FLAG(3), PLAYER(A)
    Ability to add flags-----------------TAG 8
    Ability to edit flags----------------TAG 9
    Ability to delete flags--------------TAG 82
    For example:
    ...FLAG(1) = TAG 2,TAG 3,TAG 5
    ...FLAG(2) = TAG 2,TAG 3,TAG 4,TAG 5,TAG 6
    ...FLAG(3) = TAG 8

    ...RANK(1) = FLAG(1)
    ...RANK(2) = FLAG(2)
    ...RANK(9) = FLAG(1), FLAG(2), FLAG(3)---->"this rank for tribe leader if he wishes"

    PLAYER(A) = RANK(9)
    PLAYER(B ) = RANK(1)
    PLAYER(C) = RANK(2)
    PLAYER(D) = RANK(2)

    TAG 1 available to all non tribe players.
    TAG 2..x available to tribe leader at start.

    Tribe leader then can use this tags to create any form of rank system. (Any form of government)

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    Re:Guild rank system

    WOW Joe, it was way too early to read that post... I am just going to take your word for it. I have no idea what that even said, but I'm sure that people a whole lot smarter then me understood it, and would agree with you. :laugh:

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    Re:Guild rank system

    Yup, it's basically as Joe described. I hope you all understood it

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    Re:Guild rank system

    Thats cool, Sounds a lot like the way EQ2 guilds was set up. The leader(Are better yet the one who started the guild in-game) Can set members to any rank, Even leader. And also set what each rank can and can not do.
    The leader(s), Has a way to turn on or off each feature that is in tribes for each rank.

    And at lest for EQ2 that also included banks for who could take what and how much per day.

    So cool, But now we just have to wait to see just how many ranks we can have.

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    Re:Guild rank system

    is there a way to have a coup if leader leaves or becomes unpopular?

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    Re:Guild rank system

    I think I understood what you posted Joe, it was a little jagged sinking in.

    Deacon wrote:
    is there a way to have a coup if leader leaves or becomes unpopular?
    A good addition, to be sure, but I'd like to see this sort of feature be able to be turned off too.

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    Re:Guild rank system

    Kinslayer wrote:
    Deacon wrote:
    is there a way to have a coup if leader leaves or becomes unpopular?
    A good addition, to be sure, but I'd like to see this sort of feature be able to be turned off too.

    My main concern is that sometimes, leaders leave and ther tribe gets screwed....the tribe can always quit current tribe and start a new one, but they may have alot of stuff or even the location may be important.

    Having ability to turn this off, will defeat purpose. The leader could turn it off and quit in spite or something along that line. There are many scenarios where a leader could even not plan on leaving, turn it off, and something happen to him or his equipment, making his return to game questionable, or at least delayed for a long time, which would screw the tribe, even if unintentional.

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    Re:Guild rank system

    Deacon I have a suggestion for that. I was thinking about that too.

    Well before u want to join a tribe, the leader will have to show the declaration memorandum.

    For example:
    The leader may choose certain settings that can not be changed durring tribe existance. And if u like that settings then u may want to join that tribe.

    For example the leader may choose that a vote need to be casted to
    ban anyone from tribe, including himself, if he wishes to include that in declaration.

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