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    Combat Body Damage

    Just an idea that creeped up on me. How about visible body damage during combat that lasts beyond combat and requires healing treatment to clear up (a purpose for medics and doctors right there!)

    Example: Player A engages Player B
    Player A strikes Player B across the forehead with a Knife
    Player B produces a deep cut across the Skin on his Forehead
    Player B proceeds to intensely beat Player A with a Bat in various places across their Body.
    Player A develops heavy bruising in the affected areas.
    Player A proceeds to jab a Knife into the shoulder blade of Player B
    Player B sustains a gaping wound in the affected area.
    Player B deals a heavy blow to Player A's leg with the Bat.
    Player A suffers a Leg Fracture and throws a rock at Player B, knocking them out.
    Player A flees the area with a gimpy leg, their mobility hindered whilst Player B is unconscious.
    Player B has a Black Screen.
    Player A visits a Medic who applies a Splint and Bandaging to the Leg. The Leg will heal after a certain time, the bruising will fade after a couple of hours.

    I'm a bit too gorey arent i .
    Ideas welcome folks.

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    Re: Combat Body Damage

    I would like to see an injury system in game. roma victor had a very basic injury system, but an extensive medic system toward the end. Wurm, I believe, also has a good injury system. I think it may be difficult to display the injuries graphically though, but even just a current state of the character in text form would make this a good system still.

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