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    First Person View Bug When UI is disabled

    Switching to first person view with the HOME key works fine when the UI is disabled but when you disable the UI with Num Lock key then switching to first person view is bugged.

    Your camera pans around strangely as if you are in first person view but you can still see your character on the screen.

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    Re: First Person View Bug When UI is disabled

    I just tried this, cos I didnt understand exactly what you meant, so wanted to see, but I couldnt get it to do it. It may be OS based or something? I am on Win7 64bit.

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    Re:First Person View Bug When UI is disabled

    I think this was actually just me misunderstanding how the home key works to switch views. There is actually multiple 3rd person views depending on whether you want fixed camera, free camera or flex camera. So it seems to work fine, just a misunderstanding on my part.

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