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    Unable to connect

    Hi I have downloaded latest installer and try to patch.I keep getting "unable to connect to patch server"

    What puzzles me is that even if I deliberately use a wrong P/W I still get this same message nothing about you have entered a wrong password.
    I had to do a complete reinstall of windows 7 since I last was able to connect.

    most likely the answer is staring me in the face,just put it down to old age

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    Re:Unable to connect

    Are you running a firewall? If so try disabling it.

    If you are using a router, can you instead try connecting directly to your modem?

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    Re:Unable to connect

    Make sure you are running it in administrator mode also.

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    Re:Unable to connect

    Always run admin mode and not going to try the other 2 suggestions as it worked ok before.

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    Re:Unable to connect

    Is your computer turned on? :P

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    Re:Unable to connect

    It doesn't say that the password or user name is incorrect because it doesn't connect to the database to check until you click login and it connects successfully.

    As per your problem, I would suggest disabling windows firewall temp. Just because it worked last time doesn't mean it will this time, we have changed servers since the last update.

    Not sure what else to try TBH

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    Re:Unable to connect

    If the patch server is up, and u cant connect, it means the client cant find the server.
    Firewall is blocking,
    or u using old patch program thats trying to connect to old location.

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