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    Idea for new content

    A rare find, it is full of items from the past, its got documents of law and order, government, science, medicine, building schematics, and other invaluable items of information for a new tomorrow.... a "time capsule" buried by those that lived in a less savage time.

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    Re:Idea for new content

    Pretty good idea.

    Can we have police in the game?

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    Re:Idea for new content

    Think that this will already be in-game in a way, But without us having to find it ourself. In the Features page under Evolution it said:
    Trade with tribes beyond the impenetrable mist.
    So I asked what that meant? Here is what Jordi said:
    The idea is to have trade totems representing tribes beyond the mist as a means of introducing new things into the game.
    Here is the Link to the post.

    Are did I miss the point all together?

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    Re:Idea for new content

    oh.... didn't know that... thanks for the headsup

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