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Thread: Monetary System

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    Monetary System

    I can't wait to see what the community uses as a form of monetary in the game, the trade and barter system can only go so far.

    this is going to be interesting.

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    Re:Monetary System

    It would be interesting to allow tribes to create their own currency out of various rare, or valuable materials. A simple skill to craft coins would be nice.

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    Re:Monetary System

    You may want to check out this old thread, some nice ideas there, plus some official words from Jordi.

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    Re:Monetary System

    Ah yes Monentary...been around sice before we has socials...
    The key is, theres no "money: ingame...well..theres no trade ingame either. Aside from a few members in a tribe, there is no such thing as commerce in this game.
    A game based purely on what craft skill you have, opposed to what skill you might add, has that problem.

    I've tried to trade Flint, Quartz and and Tar but aside from being rare, their useless..oo.a fire..yay

    Fact is, we're gunna see a ton of entrees, max out and get bored, and the tribes will wither...

    There has yet to be a reason, aside only 2 of us online, to meet and trade.
    *shrug* trade skillin is kinda ok, except your new plan gives us no idea the benefits..hense why I can still take out a Bear with a FishingPole..

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