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Thread: Empires?

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    Why have an alliance in the first place? Cooperation.
    If one is at war, all should be at war. If one tribe is causing trouble for an alliance well then the alliance should deal with it.

    I see no reason to invent a bunch of complex rules to govern who is fighting who in regards to alliances.

    The fact that we have to travel real distances means that at best we may get blocks of power, but the same thing will happen without formal alliance. So they just make administering the group that much easier.

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    I see where you are coming from, And I don't think anyone wants this game to turn out like DF.

    But here is my take on it, Part of the fun-factor, For me at lest, Is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing things like what player may be hunting you, too what tribe is a true friend and who is not. yes I want alliances in the game, No I do not want to have alliances locked to the point that I have to send my tribe mates out to fight in a war that we did not want. Also by not making it a locked deal, I can see many tribes trying to work out who is really for them are not. I think that will be a very fun part of tribe alliance. It also goes to true tribe friendship, Just because two of my tribal alliance friends are at war, Does not mean that we have to pick sides to who we should help fight with, Nor should it mean that we must drop an alliance with one or both of them.

    I do hope that we have a great number of alliance features to play with, Just not this one, Sorry.

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    JCatano wrote:
    Amadeusz wrote:
    Venciera wrote:
    The biggest concern I have with the formation of 'empires' is they become unstoppable 'zerg alliances'. They totally over power any smaller tribe, and force them into alliances which means there will be rare, but huge, devastating wars. However a war declaration system may help to reduce the size of zerg armies.

    Still it seems like it might be rather boring if all the action only took place at the boarders of massive alliances. I'm really interested to see lots of tribe on tribe skirmishes. Hopefully a happy medium can be achieved.
    This happens in darkfall.. If your independent you cant compete agenst the big alliances who can steam roll though and take half the servers citys... 30 people cant win agenst a 100 strong alliance..

    Although I like the idea of being allys with other tribes I dont want the game to become alliance based..
    That's because Tasos and Claus are clueless and put portals in. Instant travel allows that type of thing to happen, since clans/alliances can quickly get to the other side of the map. It's not real empire-building.

    If the portals were gone, clans/alliances would need to make sure they could populate their holdings and expand from their root outward, instead of just dotting the map.

    They also made the mistake of not allowing all holdings of a clan to be vulnerable at the same time. Only one holding can be sieged at a time. This makes it easier for clans/alliances to play thin since they only need to defend one city/hamlet at a time (barring ghost sieges on an ally with a holding).

    Big alliances are fine as long as they have to work to keep their holdings. Smaller clans can compete for objectives if the map is large enough and there is no instant travel. Population has to be healthy, too.

    Also, if an alliance gets too big, they tend to break down. Boredom, disagreements, and/or the rest of the server wanting to stick it to the man are predictable reasons for that. Hyperion is an example of that situation.
    Zerg alliances can spawn for different reasons too. In Mortal Online, it was so grind heavy that single guilds had no chance to own territory, the game basically forced you into an alliance. The only guilds that managed to build their own Keeps and own their own territories where exploiting and duping gold to pay for their deeds.

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