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    Greetings from the UK

    Hello guys, I found this game the other day and the post-apoc-meets-mythology setting seems interesting, and the crafting and terraforming features entice me as I used to play Wurm, but got put off by the stagnation of Wild and Epic never showing up. :S
    Anyway I hope this game manages to get off the ground and doesn't just evaporate while in development, as too many other interesting MMOs have done in the past. :angry: Hope to see you in-game soon!

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    Re:Greetings from the UK

    Hey, welcome to Xsyon

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    Re:Greetings from the UK

    Welcome, i think we all have the same feelings.

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    Re:Greetings from the UK

    welcome to xsyon its nice to see more uk players joining this game.

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    Re:Greetings from the UK

    Paradox wrote:
    Hey, welcome to Xsyon

    This :P

    Anyway I don't want you to think that Xsyon citizens are lazy even to say hello!

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    Re:Greetings from the UK

    Welcome here, good to see european players joining

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