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    XSYON Bible Version 1.0

    Now we have an XSYON Bible and XSYON-WIKI in one executable Program!..
    It is an interactive Bible with all information and photos and mini play games
    Version 1.0 is the start-Bible you can click all gifs to come to the next side
    First Side its a fireplace-->click on this and you come to a other site
    Here now the Link:

    greetings Whorlok

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    Re:XSYON Bible Version 1.0

    first its more an Wiki...little games like moorhuhn or so..but this comes later.
    in Moment the BIBLE is 2 sides small.But i can now rather fast include more sides--->
    - expanding Map with little Videos of area and so on
    - crafter things with pictures
    - the player tribes with little videos
    - a ingame player info(screens with infos of the most players)
    and ..and ...and

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    Re:XSYON Bible Version 1.0

    Hello Whorlok

    I'm impresed!Very good job

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