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    Just released a new album!

    Just released a new album called Path of Lights

    Jooky, feel free to use it in your game!



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    Re: Just released a new album!



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    Re: Just released a new album!

    listening to magnetized, loving it so far.

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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Hi rev!

    I've been “listening” to your album.I write “listening” because I think this is a kind of music that it's not to be listened to.For me ambient music is good at low volume to make your room not in silence,it doesn't mean a bad comment though.

    I think that you made a very good job as an ambient music.I like transitions,layered synths and pads,and some light perc.I know is not easy to make ambient music even it seems it's easy.So I guess you listen to this music a lot.You show a deep sensitive touch in your work.

    I've been listening the album meanwhile ingame in offlinemode,and I think Polaris would fit as an ambient music at night,because it has some tension that makes you feel alert.Eventhough I don't think this is the concept Jooky has for the music in Xsyon.He has the last word always

    Technicaly I found a “bug” between syncrisis an aurora transition.But in general this is a well done album.

    And finally for a 1:14 minutes album,the overall “colour” it's a little bit repetitive.

    Good job man!Congratulations and good luck with it.


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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Thanks for the critic! Making a seamless album is incredibly difficult , mostly the encoding part. I do hear a faint click between track 6 and 7 indeed, to me it's almost inaudible , and i spent so much time trying to release this that this was satisfying enough for me.

    Yes this is Pure Space Ambient album, software only as well. It passed the test for me last night as i played it on repeat. This album would fit well during the nights of Xsyon. The daytime aspect needs a similar album but with a Tribal essence.

    Took around 13 months to complete this album. Not to count the years of practice and learning about synthesizers and such.

    The album is meant to stay 'on course' it was a pure space ambient album, with no percussion. The whole album is meant to be played while sleeping, gaming, thinking, meditating, surfing, reading, etc.

    I am very proud of this album it's really my first personal album reflecting my visions, emotions and overall nature. Previous work was always for projects and not for me.

    You are spot on with the fact that this type of music is insanely hard to make compared to how easy-listening it becomes. I listen to space ambient since 2001 (Neocron OST) and got influenced by Max Corbacho & Steve Roach a whole lot. Indeed this album is very deep for me, and it's exactly like my mindstate , life has been rough for me since a few years, this kinda helps a lot to relieve my feelings.

    I do need luck for other things now that this album is completed ! Thanks for the compliments!

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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Rev, what program do you use to do all this stuff?

    I use Reason 5.0 to make Electro-house music =)

    Oh, and it sounds pretty good. I'm going to add these to my snowboarding playlist =)

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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Composed in Orion , mixed and mastered in Cubase 4.

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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Hi again,

    Look at this,a futuristic an amazing instrument developed by two students!From Barcelona University.Developed since 2003.I went to Sitges when they show that invention,they did a crazy and great performace with it,this is one video from youtube with the basic demo.Since may 2010 you can buy it for 9.700 euros,the first 20 units are sold and there's a long list waiting.


    Björk used this in an album


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    Re: Just released a new album!

    yep seen those videos a while ago

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    Re: Just released a new album!

    Thanks for posting this Rev. I listed to your album while working today and it's nice and relaxing. I'll think about how this can be incorporated, but of course, we still have so many other little things to get done first!

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