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    A couple ideas pertaining to winter in Xsyon

    Being that I'm snowboarding in the Tahoe area on November 12th, I got to thinking about Xsyon when there is snow on the ground.

    1) Are dog sleds planned for the future? Maybe we could tame wolves for use during the winter. A skilled woodworker could fashion a basic wooden sled out of some boards and a tailor could make the ropes and such. Maybe also have room for a container on the better sleds?

    2) Maybe a woodworker could also fashion skis/snowboard. A tailor or metal worker could make the bindings to attach your feet to the board. Not that I am saying a full ski/snowboard system should be implemented, but simply just something as a means of transportation in the winter time. Just be able to turn, have a button to stop, and a button to jump over things such as trees and rocks.

    3) Will we need to eat more and wear certain clothing to keep our stats up during the winter as opposed to summer?

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    Re:A couple ideas pertaining to winter in Xsyon

    Love the idea of sleds and such, even snowshoes, as weather, snow, and slope and season affect the ability to travel.

    Got this from the features section;

    Characters possess eight different gauges that affect the performance outcome of actions: Health, Faith, Energy, Adrenaline, Hunger, Thirst, Encumbrance and Comfort.
    So hunger, thirst, and comfort would be a factor in the winter, I would assume that thirst and hunger would not change from season to season, however, in the winter you will need to make sure your comfort level is correctly adjusted, so dress appropriately.

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    Re:A couple ideas pertaining to winter in Xsyon

    We will have dog's, So only if you want to deal with wolves.

    [EDIT] Forgot to add this

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