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    The United Socialist Survivor's Republic

    United Socialist Survivor's Republic - Ivan Streptovsky
    Blood Red / Midnight Black

    Useful Links
    Our Wiki Article
    Our Forums
    Our Website - Somewhat WIP

    Recruitment Status - Soldiers: Open - We need more!
    Recruitment Status - Technicians: Open - We need more!

    What is the United Socialist Survivor's Republic?

    The United Socialist Survivor's Republic is an industrial based organization devoted to Resource Management, Technological Research and Aquisition, Industry, and Trade. It was originally established in early 2008 under the game 'Exanimus' as the United Socialist Survivor's Republic, a Human clan which was focused on technological advancement. In Xsyon, the USSR plans to be an active technological research as well as resource aquisition group devoted to not only procuring and processing raw materials, but scavenging ruins for leftovers of the old world.

    History of the Union

    As Ivan Streptovsky climbed over a pile of rubble, his eyes fell upon a mostly intact computer. While ripping it apart for the parts to sell, he paused, looking at the motherboard. "What small lines that connect these pieces. What intricate work." he thought, "We must have been so great before our fall, a civilization of truly massive magnitude." He stopped pulling it apart and, instead, started to put it back together, undoing his work. As he stood up with the computer case in his hand, he looked up at the ruins of a somewhat intact building, featuring a faded red, green, blue, and yellow partitioned square, which proclaimed "Micrsof" in faded lettering, whatever that meant. It looked like two letters were missing though. "This shouldn't have happened," Ivan thought, "This needs to be undone. We need to reach those heights again. I want to fix this." He started walking towards the trading outpost he sold his scavenged goods at, cradling the computer case. "I will fix this." he said out loud.

    True to his word, Ivan ended up forming a tribe, called the "United Socialist Survivor's Republic", which he devoted to advancing the knowledge of the new world. When asked why, his answer was always the same, spoken with a heated fervor, pride in his eyes. "I'm going to fix it.", if doubted, he just repeats it, starting at the doubter as if they lack common sense. "I will fix it. You'll see. We will fix it. The Union will fix it, and we will go back."


    The Union will be led by Ivan Streptovsky, and will contain Socialist, Communist, and Corporatist overtones. Members will be allowed to keep what they scavenge for themselves, but Union scavenging and Resource Gathering operations will be held and anything gathered by a member during those times will be given to the Union itself for the betterment of the Union and its allies.

    Available Facilities
    -Ventrilo (35 Man)


    -Toxic Brotherhood

    -No one yet


    -Never kill another member of the Union.
    -If you are given an order by a superior officer, follow it.
    -Discrimination of any kind against any member of the Union or its allies will not be tolerated.
    -Theft within the Union or dishonesty within or without it will not be tolerated.
    -The good of the Union comes first, always. If the Union falls, you fall. If the Union succeeds, you succeed.
    -Griefing is not tolerated
    -Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting the game is not tolerated

    How to Join the Union

    To join the United Socialist Survivor's Republic, please post here stating your intention and register on Our Forums. Navigate here, and follow the instructions in the "Application/Registration Form" thread.

    Ranks and Members
    Current Member Count: 31

    Generalissimus - Leader of the Union
    Ivan Streptovsky

    Polkovnik General - Secondary Commander / Councillory Member
    Demosynthes Konstantin (Fuzzydude0) [Procurement]

    Senior Praporshchik - Company Commander / Overseer

    Imperial Starishna - Squadron Commander / Foreman
    John Reynolds (Indicium) - Foreman
    Gorilla - Commander

    Imperial Efreitor - Foot Solder
    Chef Pasquelli (Dinazoe)
    Shirk Smirnoff

    Imperial Technician - Scavenger / Engineer
    Luka von Shar (Loki)
    Clix Shper (Xenoclix)
    Gise Windblade
    Nikolai Vinovich

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    Re: The United Survivor Republic

    Very nicely done! Best of luck!

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Thank you.

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    If no one minds a bump, the United Survivor Recruitment could use some members. We're the right group for anyone that wants to do industrialization. Not to mention we'll need plenty of soldiers for guards and escorts.

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Very nicely done

    Once I order the game I will be in contact. Looks like the exact goals I want in a tribe.

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Good to know. Send me a private message so we can talk.

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    That is a good thing waht you doin here bro .

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Nice looking clan here Tan. Did a fine job

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Thanks Warzenkai, Wrekkoning. I appreciate the compliments and positive outlook.

    "Tan" sounds like a silly name though, doesn't it Wrek? It's supposed to be Han but somehow I managed to hit the T when typing it.

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    Re:The United Survivor Republic

    Ill join as a soldier. Got to wait until I buy a new computer though before I buy the game.

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