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    Whats up

    hello every one i'm new to xyson but liked the ideas that were in the features list so decided to preorder and see what all the hub was about so far i like it :laugh:

    my rl name is david and i love gaming so see you in game hopefully

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    Re:Whats up

    Hey welcome!

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    Re:Whats up

    Cool man, And welcome to the game Deadskull8/David.

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    Re:Whats up


    I'm sure you will enjoy playing this game.

    See you ingame!

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    Re:Whats up

    Hi Deadskull8

    Games a little quiet right now as we await the next big update.... head over to zone 739...cya in game

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    Re:Whats up

    Hey there! Like Bossman said, the game is a bit quiet right now but with a big patch coming you'll see it liven up nicely!

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    Re:Whats up

    ok well cya you all in game soon than after this patch lol i'll use this quite time to screw around for a bit and figure stuff out in game we'll see how many times i die lolz

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