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    Default Video Settings

    I re-installed Xsyon and tweeked the video settings to max. also changed to full screen. now I can't get the game to load up anymore. well that is not fully true. the game is loading fine, but it seems to be crashing my video drivers. and then my computer gets stuck in a loop (driver crash and recover) and I have to hard restart

    what are the current default video settings?

    any ideas which settings are causing this issue? Drivers are all current.
    core2 6420 2.13g
    vista ultimate 32

    Edit: Seems that returning to windowed mode cured the issue.

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    Re: Default Video Settings

    Check your screen resolution and refresh rate isnt set to more than your monitor can handle. I use a HD5870 also, and run everything maxed with no probs. I have 8gig ram, but this doesnt sound ram related. I also run a 24" screen which handles 1920x1080@60hz fine.

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    Re: Default Video Settings


    delete options.sav and restart the game.

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