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    "XSYONS-GLADIATOR-LEAGUE"..Now! EVENT in game after Prelude..
    -First we can tame pets?..
    -Pets can Level up-->with time stronger?..

    then next event in game:

    Who is the Best PETMASTER?
    "15 Pets going in!....1Pet comes out!"

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    Sounds like a great idea. I think this is more a suggestion for a added feature to the game. But for now it can stay here to see where the thread goes.

    Cool moving this to the suggestion thread

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    What about also having a gladiator type system where it would pit people (with their pets if applicable) 1v1, 2v2, etc, but rather it being instanced like in most games, it could be seamless so other people could be spectators. (OK, here goes another one of my far-fetched ideas :P) Be it something ran by the guides/developers or simply something we set up as players, it could be weekly tournaments (Friday/Saturday afternoon, to attract the most people). People could show up to either fight or watch the battles. You could pretty much have it set up as a single elimination type tournament and the winner would be given some sort of prize for defeating everyone else. Maybe also have a rumble royale where its kindof a last-man-standing fight? Capture the flag could be cool too, but it'd require a slightly larger stadium and maybe some features to hide behind (for when we have ranged combat). I think it would bring a lot of people together to play that wouldn't normally come into contact with eachother. Also, you'd want to either turn PvP loot off or set up some kind of lockable containers (think gym lockers) for players to deposit items they don't need for the fight and don't want to lose. To avoid griefing spectators to the games as well, maybe add a spectators protection thing in? This could all take place on an island in the middle of the lake. That would make it readily accessible to everyone and would kinda be cool to see from a distance. I can't really think of much else, but you guys get where I'm going with this. Just food for thought

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    Sounds like Pokemon Online.

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    Kinslayer wrote:
    Sounds like Pokemon Online.
    The OP?

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    travdoty wrote:
    Kinslayer wrote:
    Sounds like Pokemon Online.
    The OP?
    Yep. Fighting with your pets to see who is the best trainer... that's Pokemon. Not something I would like to see in Xsyon.

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    I agree, that's kindof a comical way to put it though :laugh: I did expand on the idea, though. What'd you think of my ideas?

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    It sounds okay. I just dont like the idea of pets fighting. If we are talking tournaments and gladiatorial combat, I would love to see this in game. We used to hold festivals and tournaments all the time in RV, guilds would host games for lots of different reasons, be it to honour the gods, or just to get everyone together for a tournament, food, wine, and markets. If we could have some game mechanic to somehow support this, that would be great. Perhaps there could be an interface built into the stadium, so once you've built the stadium, you can set people to fight, the character who you enter would receive a window inviting them to the tournament, and they could accept or deny. Then once all have accepted, you could use the interface to set up the type of elimination to be used in the tournament, be it a complicated draw of fights, or sudden death elimination. You could even use the interface to set the prize to be given at the end of the tournament perhaps.

    Obstacles for ranged fights or skirmishes should be craft-able/deploy-able items. Hypothetically if I want a little hut in the middle, I would have to craft that, then place it there, or something like this.

    Anyway, you get the idea of what I would like to see, just no pets fighting Pokemon style.

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    What about having a signup board at the entrance when you walk in? People could sign up for different events such as 1v1 / 2v2 / etc fights, last man standing rumble royale, capture the flag, king of the hill (holding multiple territories for a certain amount of time), etc. Maybe there could even be a siege type match where one team is assigned defending a position and the other team is assigned attacking, then they switch off a couple times until a winner is determined (because each "match" would consist of a couple mini-matches, they would be relatively short compared to the other events to compensate for this). If an event doesn't get the right number of signups, it will not take place that day. If it gets too many, you could have it make another instance of that match. Say if Capture the Flag required 5 people on each team. If only 7 people signed up, it wouldn't take place that day. If 20 people signed up, two capture the flag games would take place. Maybe have signups start 30 minutes before the games start. Once the games start, they could announce who needs to come to the "staging area". Contestants will have 2 or 3 minutes to walk down to the staging area, and then the game would randomly assign them to a team (unless they signed up as a group, in which case they would be put on the same team).

    As for being able to craft cover structures, maybe woodworkers/metalworkers could fashion them for you. At the start of the match, each team would have 1 minute to set up their cover, then the match would begin.

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    this idea is an EVENT from Players to Players!.
    No static thing in game
    the Stadion is complete Terraforming.._>all in the "WORLD SPORTS CITY Clan"-->also my first Event "CANNONBALL SPORTS LEAGUE"

    We are the Player!..and we are looking for selfmade events in game..,)

    Greetings whorlok

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