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    Xsyon Guides

    Your Current game Guides are:
    • GuideUriel
    • GuideAriel
    • GuideForcas
    • GuideIsrafel
    • GuideRaguel
    • GuideRashnu
    • GuideMihr (Spanish Guide)
    • GuideSariel
    • GuideXaphan

    Our Guides are available to help you with problems in game or here on the forums.

    Should you have any questions you can PM them here or in contact them in game.

    You can whisper a Guide directly in game by typing /w name message.

    For example:
    /w GuideUriel Hi, I'm new!

    You can also send a message to all online Guides though the help chat channel by typing /h message

    For example:
    /h hi, I'm new! Help me!
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