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    Errors on homepage /website

    You are missing either a style or page - when I click on 'Pro-order' on the website I get this :

    500 - Layout "alreadyPaid" not found

    I know I have pre-ordered, but it's still a bug ^^

    Also :

    Chat feature doesn't load for me , it gives a Java error quoting a security exception.

    I'm running Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with latest Java installed (in case it's an OS issue)

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    Re:Errors on homepage /website

    Thanks. This happened when we moved our site to a new server. We've had several web developers look at this and they can't figure out why it happens. It's an error with a Joomla component.

    Since we're moving to new forums and a new account system we've let this be.

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    Re:Errors on homepage /website

    ok, for the chat I wasn't sure if this was cuz of the machine i am on right now since i don't use the chat at home, or if it was over all.

    As jooky said, since we are switching ot a new forum we are letting all this slide for now (i know its annoying) but with the new site everything will workk 500x better.

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    Re:Errors on homepage /website

    The issue with the java chat is that the code signing certificate has expired. Needs signed again.

    You can make it work by selecting ‘run’ and ‘no’ for block

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