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Thread: cant patch

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    cant patch

    updating xyson didnt seem to work for me ...tried it twice and got error that program stopped working and forced closed .

    trying fresh install now as recommended in the update section, will edit this in a min once its done

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    Re:cant patch

    Same here. I just uninstalled it all, and now I'm downloading it again. Seems to be moving a long fine, but its 3.41 gigs :/

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    Re:cant patch

    If you encounter this problem, the patcher should resume if you restart it.

    If any of you have more information on what step of the download is crashing, please post here.

    However, I do recommend a full reinstall. It will be much faster.

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    Re:cant patch

    Did fresh install, already in game.... running smooth at 32ping

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    Re:cant patch

    also in game talking to tredo...everyone come to Roundhill..lets BUILD

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    Re:cant patch

    I got the crash too- but I wasn't at the computer when it happened.

    I restarted the patcher and took a screenshot of where it started back at- I attached it to this post.

    how big is this patch anyway? I don't understand why a full reinstall would be faster- won't there be more to have to download again?

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    Re:cant patch

    The patch replaces all terrain files. Downloading the large files directly takes less time than the process that downloads and patches / adjusts existing files.

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    Re:cant patch

    Could not create file (zone.???) 1.49 gig or something

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    Re:cant patch

    ok fixed it there was the launcher still open in processes.

    yeah patcher crashed a handfull of times

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    Re:cant patch

    I had the same problem - the patcher crashed 5 or 6 times during the patch process, requiring a restart.

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