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    Things that need focus/fixed/implemented

    Ok here's a list of things that need some love imho before launch.

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    Before Year Zero

    - Char creation (pop up information , stat description, centralize information and merge the manual info into the game)

    - Chat window ( separate emote bar from it, add expand button, add tabs)

    - PVP rule revision and balance ( good+neutral re spawn in place but evil back at totem is probably the worst pvp rule that you can create, it only proves this game got hijacked by carebears)

    - First person view (F.O.V. must be much bigger , need to see arms and body all the time when looking down)

    - Wiki with all info (it will happen if you don't do it anyways)

    - Clearly announce what are you working on next (evolution, priorities , tier's , features)

    - Item stats (weight, quality)

    - TEACHING / LEARNING (asap)

    __________________________________________________ __________
    After Year Zero

    - Combat revision and enhancements (fix parry/dodge and make it passive, enhance combat with a full patch , direction hits and hit detection )

    - Implement ranged combat before everyone specs as melee (or add a way to re-spec)

    - Fix 2d clouds, backward water current (minor)

    - Marketing , Content, Progression/evolution

    - Prelude should not last more than 12 months - 18 months

    - Atmospheric sounds,music and animals added for proper immersion (more animals, birds, crickets at night, polished day/night cycle)

    - Navigation feature (CARTOGRAPHY PLEASE)

    - Compass

    - Hovering mouse over things opens pop up information. (centralizing information)


    From there i think we can ask more things related to specific content, like logistics and quartermaster related tasks.

    Honestly the worst aspect for me right now are the pvp rules, they are first of all, very unclear, nowhere in official statements, and they are 100% biased.

    Please stop spreading information and implement a system that displays information ingame , the game feels very amateur when you guys try to spread that stuff left and right with bogus rules, it makes this true open sandbox feel unappealing.

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    Re:Things that need focus/fixed/implemented

    I disagree with passive dodge/parry. I would rather dodge rolls/hops by double tapping the movement key (or allowing a key+direction button be used). With skills increasing the distance and reducing the stamina used. And I would rather parry be mappable to a button/mouse key of the player's choice and where increased skills reduce stamina usage and increase chance to place opponent off-balance (maybe a 1 second "stun?")

    I agree that if they don't make a wiki then the playerbase will. I would actually prefer it this way, so there's some sense of exploration in the early phases of the games and the people working on the game don't have to take time out of working on the game.

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