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Thread: Heavy RP Tribe?

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    Heavy RP Tribe?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to join a heavy RP tribe. I don't really care about alignment, and I'm equally happy with PvE and PvP. I just think this game's setting, story, and mechanics makes it perfect for role playing. I scanned through the Tribe List post and saw only one RP Tribe off the bat, but I was wondering if there were more out there. So if you exist, let me know!

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    Re:Heavy RP Tribe?

    I'm currently checking out the game to see if the game would be suitable for a Shadowclan branch.

    We traditionally play the villains in the games we play.

    We're not recruiting right now though because we're still waiting to see how some key features turn out. Primarily combat and building. (Combat needs a lot of work and building was just added and hasn't been examined yet.)

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    Re:Heavy RP Tribe?

    I know of two that will be [b]heavy RP[/b]

    [NOX] Nomads of Xsyon [url][/url]


    [The Wolverines] 191st Expeditionary Battalion [url][/url]

    I know ther are a few other's that do have some role players in the tribe, But them two are the only ones I know for sure. Hope this helps ya.

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    Re:Heavy RP Tribe?

    Check out the Audacian Republic's thread, its 6 or 7 down below this thread. We dont mindlessly bump for 42 pages, so we slip down the list every now and then.

    I wouldnt call us "heavy" RP though, more light to medium, but feel free to take a look in any case. You can RP with us as heavy as you like.

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    I would be greatly interested in a heavy RP tribe, I never was able to RP in wow because you really aren't creating your own story, plus the lore in wow is kind of bleh. But here you are your own person, it would give a sort of 'lost' feeling to it.

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    In the [url=]Warriors of Ice[/url] we encourage Roleplaying but it is not forced. Also we are in European timezone.

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    As Alik said, the Wolverines are Moderate to Heavy RP in terms of our structure and how we operate in-game. Our definition of RP is more about doing stuff in the game than having walls of text as our RP so if you're looking for active RPers then the 191st is your destination. We're also looking for other RP guilds to team up with and get some events going.

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    Rednecks is a RP tribe so when you make a character here use a RP name suitable TO THIS GAME.


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