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    Suggestion for building things

    When an Architect places a wall, building etc- if another Architect in the tribe can build the same thing they need to be able to help compelete the items being built.

    right now- only the person who lays down the ghost item can complete it.

    Also, anyone with the Architect skill needs to be able to move things around.

    If these things are not put in, it's going to create lots of problems.

    Here is one scenerio:
    I put up a bunch of ghost walls and then logout and never log back in.

    also, we built a couple log walls, but now we can't destroy them- or at least we haven't figure out how to yet.

    Added to official list ~KiwiBird

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    Re: Suggestion for building things

    For sure, more than one person should be able to build the one structure.

    As for pulling it down, thats in the "in development" thread, so it is coming soon I believe.

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