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    chat colors

    when in game for a bit the chat colors will change to diffrent colors so u cant tell if its tribe chat, general, sytem msg etc etc

    Expml - i was typing in tribe cha and i enterd a diff zone and the color changed to orange (tribe chat green color changed to orange) and stayed that way till i relogged --also someone as typing n general and was showing up green , he wasnt in our tribe even

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    Re: chat colors

    This should really be filed under bugs.

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    Re:chat colors

    Raised this about a month ago.
    But yea it happened for me and at least 1 other tribe member last night. All the chat text I could see was green, it was all red for him.

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    Re:chat colors

    This should be fixed now (updated tonight). If you still see it happen, let me know.

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