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    There is no flashy recruitment to be found here. Mayhem will be a tribe focused on current tribal desires. No set alignment, no set alliances, nothing is set in stone. while in prelude we will be taking on anyone that wishes to be a part of Mayhem. Once Xsyon is released we will start working on tribe political assignments and roles. As for now it will just be a group of active players that would like to help each other.

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    Not at first but I do plan to center this tribe around PvP once we get started. Well, if the tribe chooses to that is.

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    Tragedy strikes the worksite.

    Tragedy Strikes.
    Darenkel is crushed today by the very log he was carrying. Witnesses say that the accident was cause by a loose rock that on the path. This is a prime example of why noobs, huge logs and high working areas don't mix.

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    Re: Tragedy strikes the worksite.

    It's not true! I was pushed! *points fingers*

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    Re: Tragedy strikes the worksite.

    And where are u pointing the finger to? hmm

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    Good luck with your tribe and we look forward to some interaction with you fellas once you are up and running.

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