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    Limstone wall possibly bugged

    I made the limestone wall and I open the project and put in the mortar without any problems, but it won't let me put in the limestone bricks.

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    Re:Limstone wall possibly bugged

    These bricks should be fixed now, though you'll have to delete the old ones and make new bricks. If you still encounter problems with limestone bricks or walls, please post again.

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    Xsyon Citizen Venciera's Avatar
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    Re:Limstone wall possibly bugged

    Thank you for fixing this so quickly

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    Re:Limstone wall possibly bugged

    Venciera wrote:
    Thank you for fixing this so quickly
    yeah, me and venci had an assembly line going- our stomachs dropped when we found out he could only make 1 brick at a time with 80 bricks times the gazzillion limestone walls we put up.

    thanks for the fast response Xsyon!

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