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    Your Marketing Slogans for Xsyon

    You love Simcity?...The Sims?...Black and White?...Fallout?..AOC/WWO?....Farmingsimulations?...du yo love Terraforming?...Tamagotschi?...PVE? WORLD? SERVER?...No Instances?..a absolutly CRAFTERPARADISE with unique QUALITYITEMS?....You love also a PVP System as DARK AGE OF CAMELOT?...THEN YOU NEED ONLY ONE GAME...XSYON-The Future has begun!

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    Re:Your Marketing Slogans for Xsyon

    What would you do when all hell breaks loose?


    The Apocalypse is at hand.

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    Re:Your Marketing Slogans for Xsyon

    If you were thrown into a world, with just the clothes you have on, and a few tools, and you were told to survive in an open pvp/pve, post apocalyptic environment. What would you do?

    Come find out, Xsyon awaits your next move!

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    Re:Your Marketing Slogans for Xsyon

    If you dont buy the game, God will kill a kitten.

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