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    Introducing the Foreseer

    Hello everyone!

    My name's Jason, aka: Foreseer. Age:25, Living out in the California Foothills. Been using the name for several years now *whisper whisper: stop stealin it* 3: I'm currently full-time student, and before that I'd worked testing iphone applications. I'm a hardcore gamer. My first addiction dating back to 1998's Ultima-Online. Since then I've tested or played nearly every subscription based mmorpg, and good number of f2p ones as well.

    I'm currently playing: Vindictus, League of Legends, Dungeon's & Dragons Online, Genesis AD, and now Xyson.

    I'm looking forward to jumping in with everyone! Any suggestions and tips are appreciated; I'm currently looking to find a general users guide with everything that's currently in game, or in-process. If you can direct me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it :3

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    Re:Introducing the Foreseer

    Hello !

    Welcome to Xsyon Foresser

    Here there's a guide and the current manual

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    Re:Introducing the Foreseer

    GuideMihr wrote:
    Hello !

    Welcome to Xsyon Foresser

    Here there's a guide and the current manual

    Thanks ^ ^

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    Re:Introducing the Foreseer

    welcome hope to see you around, feel free to ask questions on anything game-related
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