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    Game Crashing,PC Locking Up

    I played from 6am till 7am Est.time this morning and the game locked up on me two times.I have played from 4:15 till 5:15 pm and crashed 2 more times and each time my PC would also lock up and I had to use Alt+Ctrl+Del to fix it. Today is the first time I have had this problem,Also my Ping is going back and forth from 37 to 255 and is never steady :unsure:

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    Re:Game Crashing,PC Locking Up

    We recieved a message from in game GM that one person with bad connection is causing lag and it also seems to be causing conn loss for me. I just ran a speed check on comp through Verizon and im getting 14.77779999 from 15 meg connection

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