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    Tribe List Discussion


    [b][size=4]Bad as Can[/size][/b]
    [sub]Wherever the fuck, whenever the fuck -- we're comin' hard[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]We will cut a path through the nutcap presence moving into the Tahoe region. Tribe Tribe scalps will gain you much recognition from the tribe leader. We will carve a path through the unexplored frontier. Our goal is to be among the first to discover and conquer the combat and crafting aspects of the game. We will document our righteous path towards this goal... AND MAKE USD. Cut people in half, whatever. Recognizing what is needed to accomplish these goals, we ask that only players who own and use microphones apply. AND SPEEK ENGRISH. Finally, being that we are world leaders, our teamwork and organization will be of utmost importance. One of our most important goals is developing a solid knowledge base and in-game settlement for our tribe and allies.[/i]

    [b][size=4]THE AFG[/size][/b]
    [sub]we're just fabulous and super[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]Welcome brothers and sisters, It is I, Commissar Gromitovsky, leader of the Absolutely Fabulous Guys. It appears my last transmission was cut short yet again. It appears there are those out there who do not wish for a fabulous existence. There are those out there who wish to remain in a drab and boring existence. A new dawn is upon us[/i]

    [b][size=4]Guardians of the Future[/size][/b]
    [sub]We are the Guardians, the Liberators, and the Noble[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]We are a flat out good only tribe and wish to make the world better. We will be focusing on finding a place for our village and building it. As well as trying to sustain ourselves off of what we can find. The village is one of our top priorities but we need people of all types. We will be seeking alliances with other good tribes and possibly some neutral ones. We are all about upholding the good of the world, and if someone threatens it, we will be forced to take up arms. We are seeking new members of all types, if you are interested then please stop by the site and click the apply button [/i]

    [sub]peace and prosperity to rebuild our shattered land[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [b]Our focus will be [/b]
    A place of rest
    Protecting mother nature and her vital resource's
    And protection to those in need or help or (depends on circumstance) Protection
    [size=4]The Sentinels[/size][/b]
    [url=]Recruitment Thread[/url]

    We are open minded people that strive for equality and peace, We dont attack tribes near by but instead work with them to help them on their way [/i]

    We ascribe to Strength and Honor--we shall destroy those who deserve it by their actions or their likely actions. We hold our members and our allies to honorable actions, and honorable conduct in our competition for our rightful place among the other inhabitants of our fair world.
    What follows are excerpts from the Great Charter of the Sentinels, the Principles and the Structure that guides our lives.

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    Re:Tribe List


    [b][size=4]191st Expeditionary Battalion - "The Wolverines"[/size][/b]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]During the apocalypse the federal government was severely weakened and as expected new regional states began to take shape. In the Lake Tahoe Basin both Nevada and Northern California fought to regain control over one of the last remaining sources of fresh water. The government in Nevada was re-established in Las Vegas as the Vegas Republic.A meager military was patched together from surrounding former federal and national guard units that have become based out of Nellis AFB on the northern outskirts of the city. Several forward deployed units have been sent out to secure key holdings and strategic points.The 191st Expeditionary Battalion aka The Wolverines has been deployed in the Lake Tahoe region to recon the area and establish an operational presence. Upon hearing that communist elements had begun operating in the area the unit was tasked with controlling any foreign entities.The mission of the Wolverines is to establish local trade and monitor for enemy activity. [/i]

    [b][size=4]Nomads of Xsyon[/size][/b]
    [sub]The land of Xsyon is our backyard ... we just let others play in it[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]The Nomads of Xsyon are primarily a nature-loving, social role-playing tribe. We are true nomads, and as such, are a very mobile people more interested with steady migration and exploration, than settling down or nation/town building. That is not to say that certain clusters of our people may not, from time to time, opt for settling down and giving town building a go, but we are primarily a wandering and free-spirited nomadic tribe by nature. Although we hope to maintain our share of hard-core members, NoX’s membership philosophy is also designed to benefit, and perfectly suited for the casual and solo player.[/i]

    [b][size=4]Among The Shadows[/size][/b]
    [sub]Meet Nice People.. Then Kill Them![/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]Among The Shadows has been established as a clan for approximately 4 years and in that time we've grown from a simple idea between two experienced gamers to a solid core of people interested in making ATS the best clan around. Our members play games ranging from MMOs to First person shooters and everything in between. We plan on playing with a Neutral alignment in mind, with all aspects of the gaming being covered. People that dedicate themselves to crafting for instance can be richly rewarded from the clan by having materials funneled to them to help in advancement. Those that enjoy the hunt, like myself will find that ATS is a clan full of dedicated Pvpers who log in game with no more on their mind then finding the next target. We truly do have something for everyone.

    [b][size=4]The Brotherhood of Change[/size][/b]
    [sub]Through change we conquer[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: International Tribe (All timezones)
    [i]The core ideals of the Brotherhood are Unity and Expansion. We will succeed in all endeavours we undertake and any field that our members wish to pursue is accepted and encouraged. The Brotherhood prides itself on loyalty, honestly and respect between tribe members. All tribe members should contribute to the welfare of the tribe whenever possible and should the situation arise, are expected to make sacrifices for the good of the tribe. Tribe members are free to decide how they wish to progress their characters however it is encouraged, especially in Crafting fields that there be at least one member within the tribe who is skilled in each different Crafting area. This allows the tribe a certain level of self sufficiency and allows the Brotherhood to flourish. Other than this Brotherhood members are free to pursue any and all aspects of the game they wish to.[/i]

    [b][size=4]United Socialist Survivor's Republic[/size][/b]
    [sub]Rebuilding our World[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: International
    [i]The United Survivor Republic is an industrial based organization devoted to Resource Management, Technological Research and Aquisition, Industry, and Trade. It was originally established in early 2008 under the game 'Exanimus' as the United Survivor's Republic, a Human clan which was focused on technological advancement. In Xsyon, the USR plans to be an active technological research as well as resource aquisition group devoted to not only procuring and processing raw materials, but scavenging ruins for leftovers of the old world.[/i]

    [b][size=4]The Blood Eagles[/size][/b]
    [sup]The Blood will Reign[/sup]
    [url=]Recruitment post[/url]
    Main Time zone: PST
    [i]he Blood Eagles is planned to be a very exclusive tribe. Restricted to the dedicated players who will be with the tribe in the long run. This goes both ways. If you respect the tribe, the tribe respects you. Don't expect to be working alone. In the coming months I plan to make this one of the most successful, progressive, and respectful tribes. We are not an aggressive tribe, but can and will hold our own in wars.[/i]

    [sub]Its time for civilization to have its encore [/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    [url=]Encore Website[/url]
    Main Time Zone: (US)central and eastern
    [i]In the years following the Apocalypse, or better yet the fall of man, America was a land where chaos and brutality ruled. the remnants of man were almost all but gone. hope was but a glimmer yet not lost. when the United States finally succumbed to horrors happening in the world, it's military was the last to go.It mostly consisted of national guardsmen, citizen militia, and officers who came to protect their families. these small cells of survivors eventually survived the initial devastation that followed the Apocalypse. some of they retained the order from their old civilization. while the rest along with world became monsters, bent on survival and the anarchy that furthered mans fall from grace. those that retained their reason began to rebuild, slowly at first but surely. they passed their knowledge of the old world onto their children doing their best to try and prepare them for the world that lie ahead. These post-apocalyptic children have become the last remaining for the human race.[/i]

    [b][size=4]The Toxic Brotherhood[/size][/b]
    [sub]Power, respect, and honor[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]The Toxic Brotherhood will be a neutral tribe. Our goal is to gain power, respect, and honor in the world of Xsyon. [/i]

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    Re:Tribe List


    [b][size=4]The Shadow Regiment[/size][/b]
    [sub]How corrupt a soul am I willing to achieve?[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]We are the Shadow Regiment, and we are Mercenaries. We do what others will not. We are not partial to any tribe, group, or person. If you pay us the right price, we will do anything you want.

    [sub]Worship the Darkness and Embrace the Fear in others to power our own World controlling Government.[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]We are a Military working to build ourselves back to having a World Government body. We are the Offspring of the Secret Society's that ran the world Before the Rapture. Now is the time for us to take our spot in control since the Rapture is over and there numbers have diminished. There's no reason to pretend to be nice anymore and keep a smiling face while stabbing you in the back, We can cut out the bull shit and get down to business. A harsh Dictatorship using the people as sheep to do our bidding, Work , Hunt, Build for us. Under our control we WILL take the land by storm, Marshal Law will be Enforced to the full extent, Any Rebellion will meet a quick smooth death and Rapture of there Civilization, Death and Ritual Sacrifice to there people. We are in constant search of all lost technology that may still remain. (Car's, Guns, ect) We will have NO Mercy and will NOT Accept Mercy or Captivity, We will fight till our last Breath.[/i]

    [b][size=4]The Tribe Tribe[/size][/b]
    [sub]Just being a tribe[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]Our main objective in the game will be the creation of a dominant tribe built around structural functionalism. I will be the boss and you will be given a fancy title representative of your sense of self-importance. The Tribe Tribe's recruitment strategy is a complex induction process involving groupies and bananas. If you are interested, feel free to buy a pack of bananas, video camera, tri-pod, and contact me.[/i]


    [size=5][u][b]Unknown/Undecided:[/b][/u][/size] (had some confusion. If your under here (or wrongly placed elsewhere) then contact me please)

    [b][size=4]The Desert Rats: Mercenary Command[/size][/b]
    [sub]If you're good at something, never do it for free.[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: ?
    [i]1: As a Merc command alot of your warriors can and will be out on mission for various lengths of time. By contracting out, you stretch yourself thin and if you have your own holdings, may find it difficult to defend.
    By banding together with other like minded Mercs and basing out of the "Hiring Hall", you rely on each other to fill in the gaps.
    2: Professional Reputation.
    Short of someone stumbling across posts on the forum or information ingame, a central network of Professional Merc commands in one location could attract anyone needing a service. They head there with expecations and walk away with a contract.
    3: Each Merc Tribe will have different strengths over others. How does someone hiring Mercs know who does what and who does it well?
    Maybe a Tribe wants to hire some proctection or maybe they want to hire some crafters to come to their village and help out with buildings and items.
    Over time,(if they desire) Merc commands will gain a Specialty and rating. The specialty is their chosen field and their rating is based on feedback from the Client and the command themselves.
    If a command is constantly backing out on contracts or not completing assigned tasks, this will effect there rating.
    This helps keep a "product standard" in the service provided.[/i]

    [b][size=4]Kali Ma[/size][/b]
    [sub]Power thru training, Wisdom thru sharing, Trust thru time[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: Spread Out
    [i]The Kali Ma tribe was formed during the darkest days of the Armageddon with the sole purpose of unity. Power thru training, wisdom thru sharing, and trust thru time; it builds on the concept that "Many hands makes light work" Adapting to the deserts that formed around us we learn to make use of the available lands and resources while defending ourselves from hostile threats to our way of Life. Our Colors are the Scorching Sun and the Burning Sands.[/i]

    [sub]With the power of a nation, To build a new world, And expand the boundaries of humanity, To the infinite universe.[/sub]
    [url=]Recruitment Post[/url]
    Main Time Zone: Unknown
    [i]Once a major corporation in the world before the apocalypse,
    Neuropa supplied the warring nations with the highest quality
    armament, tanks, planes and the latest in high-tech weaponry. After the world ended, with civilization nearly destroyed and humanity scrounging the wreckage, Neuropa's factories in shambles, its workforce decimated, valuable research lost, it is not the great producer it used to be. However, It is not the end. Under the guidance of the old leaders, with a desire to rebuild and recreate, Neuropa follows its long-time mission. Neuropa is built on quality, perfection and determination. Nothing less will be accepted. If you have the will to be the best, Neuropa will have the means.[/i]


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    Re:Tribe List

    If you want something change, description, name, alignment or whatever just PM me.I will keep this updated on a daily basis. Kept those out with I believe where not concrete or what just made to be funny. If these where actually serious attempts to form up an tribe then send me a PM as well and I post them here.

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    Re:Tribe List

    The United Survivor Republic is Lawful Neutral, Redus, to clear things up.

    Also our main time zone is the Americas. -8GMT through -4GMT

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    Re:Tribe List

    Kali Ma will remain Unknown and its time zones are spread out (Many Us and Euro players)

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    Re:Tribe List

    Good job, hope you keep it up to date

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    Re:Tribe List

    HI Inferno!Awesome signature!

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    Re:Tribe List

    [b]inferno3387 wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Good job, hope you keep it up to date[/quote]

    Will do my best, but still suggest clan leader to send me a PM themselves, just in case I miss something.

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    Re:Tribe List

    You should add a 'member count' and 'clan website/forum' category to them.

    The USR has 6 members, currently. Our forums are at [url][/url]

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