I was just wondering if there was a know issue running Xsyon with vision surround and Eyefinity.
I am using a three screen setup with a 4040x1024 resolution for games. (for some reason with these nvidia drivers I can't get the full native size that should be able to get on these screens 5040x1050). I can run Darkfall and many other games with this setup but when I try running Xsyon the wider the resolution I use the closer the camera is to my character.

If I run Xsyon at 4040x1024 I can't zoom out very far. I was wondering if this was know about or if there was a way to fix it my end. Some games require an .ini or .cfg etc.. to be tweaked, a fov to adjust. Any clues would be appreciated as once you have played games on a setup like this its really hard to go back to tunnel vision.

I've added a couple of screen shots to show what I mean.
The game looks and feels very cramped despite the wide angle, like a fish eye lens with the edges of the screen bending or just feeling weird.

I appreciate this is a very low priority and most people don't run games at this resolutions but I just thought I would ask in case anyone else had this problem or knew of a fix for it.