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    Branches Branches all around but none to spare

    It seems that no matter how large the area of ground covered in branches is I can never find a spot that has enough branches in it.

    There are some areas that the branch texture and rescource icon show up that are extremely large and yet it always displays the message "There are not enough branches here" when I try to gather them. Same thing happens with twigs.

    Is this a bug or is it working as intended? Because it's very frustrating.

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    Re:Branches Branches all around but none to spare

    You need to be close to a tree. If the trees have been cut down, there won't be branches or twigs to gather either.

    If you are gathering close to a tree, please email me the position and I'll check on the radius from the nearest tree.

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    Re:Branches Branches all around but none to spare

    Alright, it's just a little odd that there are some islands without trees at all that are covered in branches, and some areas that are completely covered in branches but no trees anywhere near.

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