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Thread: Gameplay Lag

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    Gameplay Lag

    Severe lag began at 8:30 AM PST. There has been 5-20 min gaps of lag free game-play at this time - 2:50pm PST (When posted) Read forums and read that a player is downloading the application. I'm questioning whether the patcher / download is on the same server we're playing on?

    On Saturday the lag was common between 8:AM - 8:PM PST roughly.

    Wondering what Significance of Stating Zones during Lag in general chat? Lag seems fairly global across server. Which is why I again question whether the download is on the same server.

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    Re:Gameplay Lag

    same here.

    As posted in another thread yesterday.

    logget off after 5mins with still lag going on.

    Acctually, i couldnt exit so used the manager to get out of game.

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    Re:Gameplay Lag

    Lag: 1:20 PM PST, guessing due to weekday us eastern players should be logging in about now. Had 1k ms compared to my usual 93 ms

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    Re:Gameplay Lag

    The server lag is a known issue and will be fixed soon. It started with the last patch but is not related to downloads or server population.

    You can help by typing lag (zone) in general chat when it happens.

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    Re:Gameplay Lag

    Really.. Please use the search function Foreseer. A lot of the questions you are raising have already been raised and debated and is being looked into.
    It only takes a second to search .

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