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    My Beta Feedback

    I'll try to update this frequently and maybe I'll start some threads for topics on their own if they are really that major. Anyway here are some of the improvements I'd like to see before this game is released.


    Looks horrible. The animation does not go with the jumping distance. In the beginning skill levels, it almost looks like it's a bug to jump. It should definitely be improved because even such a little feature like this, could effect the overall credibility and the judgment of this game.


    It's great that there is so many slots and it's so diverse. However, it's not very clear if something is in the slot or if it's a placeholder for what should be in that slot. Because of this, I was pretty confused with what I have or don't have.

    The slots that are empty, should be more faded out, transparent, and darkened to resemble that something could be placed there. Instead of making it seem like something is already in there. This goes the same for other slots in the game.


    This feature really lacks in entertainment. It's very similar to all other timed actions. What bothers me is how you have no real sign if something is biting or if you even caught something until you see the text. There should be different animations to signify such events. Maybe even have a bobber..

    In addition, I rather wait long periods instead of having to throw my line in and out repeatedly. Long time + good chance > short time + bad chance, of course this should only be intended for fishing.

    Feel free to put in your own input.

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    Re: My Beta Feedback


    You don't know if you slot is free or a place holder? Lost on this part. If the slot is grey then it's empty.


    Right now the idea is to get things into the game. Having things like interactive fishing would be very nice, I have talked to jooky about this, but right now there is just not the man power to do such things. With that said once more developers are added then there is a chance that things such as fishing will be revisited and modified.

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    Re: My Beta Feedback

    Virtus wrote:

    You don't know if you slot is free or a place holder? Lost on this part. If the slot is grey then it's empty.
    The slots are more of a brownish color. I really think it needs to be a bit more faded out as a background rather than have it resemble as if it's an item.

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    Re: My Beta Feedback

    but if there is something there there is an image of that object in the slot, unless i am missing something.

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    Re: My Beta Feedback

    I understand what he's saying. He's talking about the inventory and pack slots.

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    Re: My Beta Feedback

    oh, right, ok duh >_<

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    Re:My Beta Feedback

    Agreed on the slots issue, that was one of the hardest things to understand when I first started the game. I thought they were icons that I just couldn't click on yet because the game is in beta and it just wasn't turned on yet.

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    So will anything be done about the inventory? Also, what about the jumping? I really am disappointed with the jumping feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    How come when you sprint in game you transform into a mongoloid orangutan?
    I can agree with you on that, the sprint animation is a joke.

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