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    Item permissions

    These are just suggestions but things I have had issues with and hope to see changed. There might be issues with my suggestions, I understand that. But... I'd like to put them out there anyway.

    When setting an item down within tribal lands, it should become property of that tribe. Basically resetting the tribal permission, maybe not owner, I dunno. But anyway, it's a bit annoying to have to set permissions on every log and whatnot, between tribe members.

    When you take possession of an item (it hits your backpack), it should have it's ownership changed to you and it's permissions reset to private.

    Permissions are kinda whacked anyway as I took a basket someone in my tribe made, placed it on tribal ground and NO ONE can open it or move it now. We have at least two baskets like this. I think part of the issue here is with characters that get deleted and the permissions not defaulting to something useable when on Tribal land. Not sure, but I think it's something in that area.

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    Re:Item permissions

    I don't understand why setting permission requires a timer.

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