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    Hi there. Havent played since construction patch. Im at shadow tribe, anyone testing? or are people waiting for another patch now, im out of the loop.

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    The server will be under going maintenance in about an hour (8 to 10 pst) So that might be why people aren't logged in. I was kinda bummed when we discovered construction was bugged. So I'm waiting till that's fixed.

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    the testing tribe is dead- everyone is breaking off from there and joining the various tribes.

    My tribe is recruiting as well- if you are interested send me a pm and I'll give you vent access.

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    You went missing in Mumble Firebat We only need 2 more for our tribe atm, its hard when everyone in the guild are over beta testing and waiting for release, can't help with testing when they demand numbers in a beta.

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    ya i wasnt playing any games for a few days there, but im back. you online xsyon?

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    nah. Ive been playing Wurm with a bunch of the other guys. Im a bit tired of trying to get people interested in testing, so Ive given up for now. I guess Ill test things that aren't required to have 5 ppl in between.

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    fair enough man. ya im in and out of xsyon until i can find someone else to test with, i dont like solidarity in mmos lol.

    Population will pick up im sure

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