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    access to a Friend

    I added a friend and gave him access to the my baskets
    but he can not open them
    says he has no permission
    i do something wrong or its bug?

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    Re:access to a Friend

    Did they friend you back? Other than that, It sounds like you did right.

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    Re:access to a Friend

    yes,i have add him and he done the same,then i give access to friends but he cant open my baskets
    and i cant open his baskets if he make friends access

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    Re:access to a Friend

    Yea send a bug email to Jordi and give him your zone and pos and what is happening, or in this case what is not happening. As long as he is not asleep Or head deep in code he gets to people fast.

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    Re:access to a Friend

    thx i will do it

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