First off I would like to say I just Pre Ordered this game, I know it's in Beta and all that stuff but the game is just unplayable.

It was fine the first day I had played then there was a patch and the game just crashes after crash after crash.. In all areas, doing all different things so there is no way to pinpoint what is causing it.

I have sent my logs in to Xsyon's email and I'm getting pretty mad that I payed $40 for this.. and the fact that it is a "Pre Order" does that mean we are allowed refunds if this isn't really meeting my expectations? :blush:

I really like the concept of the game but the delivery is looking grim at this point.. I know it's beta but it's really bare as to what you can do in the game at this point.

I'm not trying to bash the game but it really seems like it needs much much more work.

These are my first impressions of a possible buyer of the game and it's not looking good. And if there are no Refunds than that's really not cool specially when it's called a Pre Order. Should be able to cancel it and get your money back.

Again if this sounds harsh not really meaning it to be that way, just how I feel.