I know there is currently not enough manpower to focus on the little things. There are plenty of them that can make a difference in the playerexperiance so I add a list. I'm shure plenty of them are already on the devslist.

Most important:

Permissions: changeable standardsetting. Its just a pointless timesink in my opnion.

Clothparts: they are all white. verry annoying when items in containers do not automaticaly stack.

Splitting stacks

environmental sounds like wind, falling rocks, birds and animals.
(It would be cool to see if I come close to a tree the windsound is different then a place withouth them)

The fluff for the future changelist:

Rain: faiding away instead of switch on, switch off


Trees that change colour with the season

Waterstorage: a can to hang on your belt to store water.

I agree with a previous poster
Fishing/foresting/scavenging: different annimation when you find/catch something
different animations/sounds per craft