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    Wipe incoming ???

    Guys anyone heard anything about an upcoming wipe ??

    Any news about the db corruption ?

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Haven't heard anything about corruption or a wipe anytime soon.

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Xsyon, jumped in game earlier today and said he may have to do a total wipe due to corruption in the db, it was causing the random crashing. He said he would post about it, but that was like over 9 hours ago... didn't know if I missed something.

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Haven't seen anything so far so maybe he is trying to coordinate a patch with the wipe or maybe he's trying to fix it without wiping. Who knows

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    I heard the wipe was supposed to happen sometime tonight, but if it doesn't happen for another day, our tribe will be able to finish our project.

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    I was on when the message was sent, he said he believed they would need to wipe but did not say for certain. He also said if they did need to do a wipe he was going to try to rush to fix some other things and update some before wiping. Wipe wipe wipety wipe.

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Happening right now ... files being uploaded...

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Bossman wrote:
    Happening right now ... files being uploaded...
    how do you know this?

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    I was just on no wipe for me. I do think its gonna be later on today though

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    Re:Wipe incoming ???

    Bossman wrote:
    Happening right now ... files being uploaded...
    Thanks for the heads up... nothing in announcement section yet. Do we know when the update / wipe will take place?

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