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Thread: Grass is not

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    Grass is not

    Grass is not stacking again....

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    Re: Grass is not

    Did you try anything else like Twigs or Branches or junk after we tested the grass last night? Haha that sounded bad! LoL.

    But ya it's not stacking properly.

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    Re: Grass is not

    Could one of you send me a screenshot of this? Stacking follows a pattern. I will check on which pattern it's currently set to. It may stack 2 high, then start a column to the left or right, then it should stack to the first column, then second, then add a third.

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    Re:Grass is not

    If you stand in the stack or very close to it, it will stack. Same goes for the other resources.

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    Re:Grass is not

    ya you have to stand directly in the middle of the Pile of items, we were standing like facing the pile not inside it and it was doing this.

    But it works if you stand directly inside the pile

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