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    Mackinaw Trout "Salmon Trout"

    If you are not yet aware, Mackinaw Trout can not be eaten.
    I am not sure if this is on purpose but it is very annoying.

    This is a very large species of trout and would hope that when corrected it would be as filling as a cutthroat or mountain whitefish but found in lower altitudes. After all, we need a large fish in lower altitudes seeing as the Cutthroat and Mountain Whitefish seem to only be found in the higher altitude Mountain rivers.

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    Re: Mackinaw Trout "Salmon Trout"

    I think the plan is that the larger fish species needs some preparation with the cooking skill. to fillet the fish i think. So you need some cooking skill. which has yet to be released.

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    Re: Mackinaw Trout "Salmon Trout"

    this ^

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    Re: Mackinaw Trout "Salmon Trout"

    Salmon sashimi = yum!

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