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Thread: The Apache

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    The Apache

    Tribe: Apache Gaming (We are a multi-gaming clan)
    Alignment: Evil

    Our stance as an Evil tribe is to prepare for the planned alignment system that will allow Evil aligned tribes to fully loot a player.

    We will be a warring tribe (no safe zone - I'm not sure how they are going to word it), basically we will opt out of having our territory as a safe zone for the ability to have access to better rewards and to help create a strong pvp community within Xsyon.

    If you would like to be a part of our community you will need to apply at:

    • TS3/Mic (no exceptions)
    • 18+
    • Team Player
    • PVP Oriented

    What we Offer
    • Mature gaming group
    • PVP
    • Weekly Events
    • Team Speak 3

    You can also contact an officer in game for a faster application response.

    • Chato
    • Sluggs

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    Friendly Bump. Dont miss this Vid

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    Thanks for the signature banner!!

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    Need everyone from apache to be ready at server up!!!

    Vent Info: 4222

    password: bonkers

    Anyone else wanting to join feel free to login in and say hi.

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    Just a reminder to all Apache waiting for the final wipe - we need to be in vent as soon as they announce so we can get our spot back

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    We now have membesr from US, UK, and Australia.

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    Hey man I should be on this weekend abit, looking forward to learning the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galapagos View Post
    Hey man I should be on this weekend abit, looking forward to learning the game.
    awesome, we will be here, just hop on vent when you are ready.

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    Offical Notice: Fallen Lords is ALLIED ^_^ To Apache

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    Hey guys! Had fun talking to you on Vent. Good group of guys. Also glad to see you've cut ties with the evil tribe alliance. See you around!

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