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Thread: Eidola

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    Eidolon Empire - Evil
    We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been. -Tool

    Eidolon Forum Group
    Player Base: US PST

    Greetings and well met. We are Eidola, and as for now, declaring our official presence in Xsyon. We are a US PST based hardcore end-game PvE & PvP Evil tribe with the desire for Conquest. It is our goal to create a Kingdom strengthening internal bonds while spreading hate and discontent amongst our enemies.

    Through experience we've learned that it's not about the loot you equip, the character that you play, or the game you subscribe to. Those things are finite, and subject to change. Eidola will be about camaraderie and communty that we'll enjoy as we rise up to the top. If you are interested in joining the Empire or learning more about us please join our forum group.

    We look forward to seeing you around!

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    Hello, I've been playing for a week now and am experienced in Terraforming. Enjoy long strolls by the beach, and hunting various prey. I've a microphone/headset and can hop onto both mumble and vent servers. Looking forward to playing with you ^.-

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    Hello, I've been playing for a couple weeks now and I'm the tribe scavenger, when I'm not doing my craft. I have a few screws loose in more than just my pack, but I have a kind heart, when it beats. I am available to join voice chat, pretty much whenever. If you need anything, just give ol' Darenkel a shout, and I'll see what we have for trade. Cya in game!

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    Hello everyone. im the person thats locked up with a gun to his head crafting leather stuff

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    (Name) Crackhead
    {craft} WoodCraft

    hmm about my self hmm i have only been playing for about 1 month i love guns and i will deforest the entire zone before next wipe ya that about sums it up for now.

    (P.S Denavai if i clear t he entire zone before next wipe you ow me a 6 pack and some snopps)

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    {Name} Brutix

    I have been keeping my eye on Xsyon for a little while now but haven't played much due to empty world and nothing to do. Right now I am only planning to play a little but I am optimistic that Xsyon will be my new MMO home. I enjoy PVE and PVPing and I plan on making every guildie a weapon so we can crack some heads, well hopefully in the future.

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    Joined in game already, thanks for the invite.

    post on thread quest: complete.

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    We're currently reloading our revolver. It would seem that a few players have been lost in translation during the prelude era.

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    I'm currently in-place to get our tribe started. Look forward to seeing everyone in-game.

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    sorry been a way for a good bit so where the hell is the tribe now for restarting

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