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    New Drinking Idea

    I can't seem to find any topic about the water drinking that actually suggests anything to improve it. Mostly the posts are just people complaining and then the trolls eating them up and finally turning on each other.

    So here is my suggestion: Drinking water will require one single action. Said action's counter will be determined by the percentage of thirst the character currently has. Containers with water in them will have a limit on how long they can be drank from in total, determined by their volume value.

    Please keep this simple and just post a +1 or -1 if you agree or disagree.

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    Re: New Drinking Idea

    this was suggested at some point, somewhere. Check the FAQ in this forum, maybe it's there.

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    Re:New Drinking Idea


    Good idea =)

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    Re:New Drinking Idea

    I dont get exactly what you mean. Could you please explain it further?

    I do like the Wurm system though, which works as a progressive bar, which takes longer the more thirsty you are. Is that sort of what you mean?

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    Re:New Drinking Idea

    yup, that's what he means

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    Re:New Drinking Idea

    Instead of clicking multiple times to take a small sip, he suggetes you keep on drinking untill your bar is filled.

    the devs have enough to do still so they should not be focussing on this. I have no problems with how it is right now, and I would not care if they change it

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    Re:New Drinking Idea

    Drinking right now is the most basic thing, so when cups or bottles will be in game, the drinking can then be made faster.
    Everything now is in the begining stage.

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