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    Crafting skills?

    Ive been a few days ingame now and i like the idea of it. But iam a bit unsure for a few things...

    I know they game isnt released yet and so on, but seems to me that its not much to do yet and by that i mean crafting, i love crafting. But i dont like that you only can do one craft.

    Is it 1 craft its gonna be or do we later get oppurtunity to have more than 1 crafting skill?


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    Re:Crafting skills?

    As of right now, all the crafts heavily rely on one another to make most of their items. Word on the street is that there will be some sort of "teaching" mechanism where one player can teach another character their craft. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that's about all the official detail we have, but as to how that would be implemented is all speculation right now. Seems that some want to be able to craft any recipes from a "learned" craft but have advancement move much slower, some want to be only able to craft the basic components and not the end products (Cloth Straps or Twine vs an actual piece of cloth armor) which is what other crafts use anyway, some want no restrictions and to have it simply like you know both crafts. Again, it's all speculation right now, so we'll see

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    Re:Crafting skills?

    Players start the game with a selected set of skills. They gain new skills by learning from other players or by uncovering knowledge in books from the past.

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    Re:Crafting skills?

    Ty for answers, btw have anyone found any books from the past?

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    Re:Crafting skills?

    Epoxy wrote:
    Ty for answers, btw have anyone found any books from the past?
    Yes, I've found plenty but it depends on your skill level I believe in scavenging. However, books don't teach you skills at the moment, just patterns (crafts).

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