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    Error: Incorrect Launcher Version


    I was in all weekend and try to get in the game today and after I put in my password it gives me the message: Error: Incorrect Launcher Version. I closed it and re-opened and put in my password and this time tried to patch but got the same message. Anyone else having problems access the game with this error.

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    Try contacy Xsyon or Jordi

    But Link for new launcher is :
    In main post Jordi forget update

    Remember Disable UAC (windows) , check permision to writing/delete/read on folder

    Link to explain about incorrect launcher

    See diference about first post and another post?
    *check numbers

    Read topic

    And curse you dont need downloading all again , instal over you curret instalation

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    UPDATE: I was able to get the program to start. I tried changing the permissions first and then tried to logon but got the same error. Downloaded the client from the link above and it went through its steps fast since the files were already on my machine. Im back in again, thank you = ) Got terraforming to do lol

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    For future reference, as someone on IRC was have the same issue.

    If you get the message "Error: Incorrect Launcher Version"
    Your Xsyon Launcher is out of date, and you can always download the latest Launcher from the downloads section of your Account Page.

    Generally It is a good idea to uninstall the old version and then install the new patcher, but it is not always required if bandwidth is limited.

    The default installation paths are as follows.
    For XP: It installs into /Program Files
    For Win7: It installs into /Users/Games/

    Personally if your running Win7 UAC is actually a good for day to day use.

    For those of you who ask why under Win7 installs into the /Users directory. It is so that it does not require UAC authentication each time files are patched.

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